For more than a decade I struggled with my career. Although I’d done everything “by the book”: from my studies to my choice of top employers to professional development, it wasn’t enough. No matter how hard I worked, no matter how many promotions I received, or how much value I could add, it didn’t make me truly happy. I begun to wonder if this was what adult life was about: ticking boxes & climbing ladders until my eventual retirement?

But I was not convinced.

I really didn't want to accept the status quo.

``Seeking, false starts & desperation…``

I’d probably only been working for a few months as a young lawyer when I started my “I need to get out of here campaign”. I believed I’d be happier doing something creative & I longed to start my own business. But there was a huge problem: I had NO idea (or several very wrong ideas) about what it was that I thought would bring me happiness. In the years that followed, I registered multiple business ideas, I took several “get in touch with your inner creative” courses, I even registered to study again.  At the same time, I was job hopping & changing roles in the hope that I’d find the perfect corporate job. But nothing I did was working (which was very hard for an ambitious person to accept!). I looked at so many others around me unhappy but carrying on regardless. I was getting increasingly disillusioned & desperate.


Stories like this are never linear, and thankfully all my frustration had lead me down one very helpful path: personal development. It was the one thing I was really passionate about – I loved understanding myself & the world around me. But here’s the irony: as my personal growth really deepened & matured, I felt even more disconnected to my career. Because I’m a person who wants to feel connected with the world around me, I was struggling to see that connection in my corporate job. That was when I realised I was living my life in two worlds: the outer Nicola – successful, ambitious and responsible & the inner Nicola – connected, reflective and spiritually focussed. This tension was causing me more stress than my job itself! Because I was so completely confused and tired, toward the end of 2016 I decided to take some time out – a sabbatical of sorts – to reflect, restore & figure out a way forward. But it didn’t go as easily as I expected, and only at my lowest point – the point where I had given up all effort & resigned myself to the fact that I may never find anything that would fulfil me, I had a breakthrough.

“The answer had been inside of me all along. I couldn’t believe it.”

I discovered that we each have a unique gift to offer the world & we experience more joy in our lives when we share our gift with others. I realised that this gift is simply our authentic voice.

Your gift = your truth.

I also realised...

… that there’s no separation between our work & our lives – they are one in the same. There’s also no outer world & inner world. No corporate career & creative side-gig. When we live our life in alignment with our inner truth, everything flows.

The most startling of all is that by doing this inner work I realised that I could offer my gift alongside my career & I became grateful to my career for all that it had taught me and the resources it continued to provide me. I started to really enjoy it and still do!

But – having a deep understanding of personal development – I also knew that this  time of clarity would be replaced with times of confusion when life threw a curve ball. And life’s funny like that! So I developed a technique – something I could use every single day – to allow me to connect with my truth & then align my life to my truth.

This healing didn’t only impact my work but my entire life.

This was the true beginning for me… the integration of inner & outer, of work & life. 

I’m passionate about using personal development to bridge the gap between our outer worlds & our inner worlds. I’m passionate about showing others how they can empower themselves & find the answer that is already inside each of us. I am really passionate about changing the status quo so that every person finds fulfilment in their work & careers.

I am also committed to teaching connection, engagement & authenticity to help organisations and individuals to internally connect and flourish. 


By teaching you the art of personal development which gives you the tools and courage to empower yourself.