The Life, Work & You Academy

offers training to organisations and individuals in the areas of engagement, authenticity & connection.


Our offerings have been built on top of the latest research & techniques but with a difference: we believe that change cannot be created or pushed down from the top. It has to come from within! Our courses are designed to provide individuals with tools & practical advice in order to empower themselves, and gain more connection, engagement & fulfilment from their careers. 

We offer tailor made workshops, seminars & one-on-one coaching to move you and your team to a place of power!

But talk without action is noise.

We teach actionable tools and techniques – the ART of personal development.  Our goal is for individuals at all levels within an organisation to become responsible for their own personal growth, accountable for their own engagement & respectful of others. By working across the entire organisation, we can build a culture of authenticity & connection.

Connection – Isn’t that what your business is really about?

If you would like to find out more about our offerings, please contact Nicola directly to discuss your requirements.