So often, the story in our head goes a little something like this:

If any of this sounds familiar – or if you just feel that you want more fulfilment and happiness in your life – then read on.


It’s not something we are taught in school or in our communities – and often, only when things go wrong, do we take the time to really check in with ourselves.

But like all art forms – to really master it and for it to work – we need patience, practice and the right tools. Once you do this, you learn to empower yourself.

At Life, Work & You we are here to give you a few tools to add to your belt, and assist with your practice as much as possible.


Sometimes our journey can be hard, confusing or lonely – or perhaps it just needs a little finesse.
At Life, Work & You we’ll cheer you on, act as road-side assistance, or just listen.


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Work with me.

I’ve been there & I really get it. If you can’t wait for our group courses and want every tool in my box, like now, then you may want to work with me directly. I offer limited, private Skype coaching sessions. Sessions are $80/hour & paid via PayPal.


Because when I was struggling and fumbling around looking for answers, assistance and guidance – I felt really alone. Other than reading some amazing books, the only ‘real life’ people I could reach out to were professionals but none of them really ‘got’ what I was speaking about given their very different career backgrounds & generational gaps.

But the truth is there are so many of us who are grappling with these same issues and who don’t want to wait until we retire to start living our best lives.